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The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada

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Now begins the sacred instructions of union.
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Union by stopping mind activity.
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At this time the seer enters their own true state.
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At other times the mind fluctuates and the seer
identifies with this. The seer is then elsewhere.
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There are 5 fluctuations. They may affect us positively or negatively.
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Correct perception, incorrect perception , imagination, sleep and memory.
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Correct perception is derived from direct experience,
spiritual text, inference or proven facts.
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Incorrect perception is illusion based on false beliefs
that have been observed, accepted, and embraced.
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Verbal knowledge that lacks substance is from imagination.
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There is an absence of awareness in sleep. Condition the
mind for sleep without dreams. This is deep sleep.
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Written and chanted by Mark Giubarelli
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